Where it all begins

Where it all began #context

2 years ago I embarked on my first solo travelling adventure. I was well and truly into my fitness journey at this point, addicted was an understatement and I had learnt of a street in Thailand that was dedicated to people like me, fitness lovers. The thought of being able to put your body to the extremes in world-class training facilities multiple times a day, eat and recover like an athlete excited me. I went over for 10 days knowing no-one and walked away with friends that I know I will have for a lifetime.

I enjoyed my time here so much that I went back the following year for 5 weeks this time. Dabbling in Muay Thai, Crossfit and my favourite functional training. This wasn’t just about running around in 35 degree heat with fit boys and their shirts off (don’t take that part as a complaint). It was about being broken down to the point where you think you can’t do anymore, getting up and then doing more. The mental toughness this kind of training creates is like none other; it prepares you for anything that life will throw at you.

I knew after these holidays that all my future holidays were doomed. Unless they were fitness holidays I wouldn’t be able to revert back to those lazing by the pool sipping on cocktails type of holidays (unless 2-3 training sessions in insane heat were thrown in there).

For me fitness isn’t about ‘summer bodies’ or looking good on the beach. It’s about being able to do any type of physical activity that is thrown at me. Whether it be doing a triathlon, running, lifting heavy weights, jumping hurdles… I want to be able to do it. The mental clarity, the endorphins, the friendships and how happy my life is when I am training are more than enough reasons for me to ensure fitness and movement is part of my everyday life. Fitness has taken me all over the world and in October it will take me to South and Central America (but more on that one in the next post). My fitness journey continues everyday, it has no end and I will never be at a point where I can’t be better; that’s the beauty of it.


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