It’s the community that makes the gym

If there is one thing I am going to miss about Sydney, it’s Crossfit Bondi.

I went through a tough patch in my life a few months ago. It wasn’t tough by comparison to those who are a lot less fortunate than me, but it was tough for me. Mentally I wasn’t stimulated yet constantly felt drained, I was training in a conventional gym but never looked forward to it, work was hard and getting up and going to something I didn’t enjoy everyday was proving difficult. Something had to change… naturally I changed everything.

I resigned from my job, I booked a ticket to travel to South America for 5 months and I signed up to Crossfit Bondi (XFB). Training has the ability to change my whole outlook on life and my ability to deal with every situation. While I still have to go to work until fly out day (4 weeks but who is counting?), I have something to look forward to everyday and that’s my 5pm crew at XFB.

So what makes XFB so special? It might be the smallest box I’ve ever trained in and when we have sessions like the one above with 20 people things get pretty interesting having every piece of equipment out BUT the community is unreal. The support, the laughs, the chat, the post-workout high fives, the mid-workout encouragement and that drive to do a better workout than your last is like nothing I’ve experienced before. I’ve trained in conventional gyms, in other crossfit boxes, F45’s, yoga studios, some sort of fad training facility.. you name it, I’ve trained in it.

I walk away from the box 6 days a week feeling elated. That euphoric feeling that I can’t replicate doing anything else. My friends have commented on my uplift in mood, my always positive attitude to life is returning and I’m feeling motivated again. While there has been obviously many changes in my life that can contribute to all of this XFB has played a massive role. Thanks to all the team there, it will definitely be one of the things I  will truly miss about Sydney.

So kids, the message from this one, it’s not size that matters… for a Crossfit box that is. It’s the community which stands behind it.

2 thoughts on “It’s the community that makes the gym”

  1. I’m so glad you’re back on track… didn’t realise you were in such a bad way. I’m overseas at the moment and unlikely to be back before your return.

    I wish you all the best in South America and maybe tee up when you return. Takes care. JT


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