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Involuntary Altitude Training

My next stop after Chile was a small town in Peru, Cusco. Cusco is famous for being the starting point for the famous Inca Trail trek to Macchu Picchu and pretty much the hiking capital. Everything I read had told me to take a couple of days to acclimatise in Cusco before heading off on any hikes.… Continue reading Involuntary Altitude Training


You can truly Xfit in any language. Trust me.

My  next adventure had taken me to God's country (or as the locals call it Mendoza). This is home to some of the world's best Malbec (and not to mention my favourite varietal of wine, so much so that I only drank Argentinian Malbec's  for 6 months before I left Australia). Drinking hadn't really come… Continue reading You can truly Xfit in any language. Trust me.



After my first experience at a South American Crossfit I decided to test my luck out in Buenos Aires one more time (if you missed the last blog you can read it here). After a little bit of research and finding that there was a box about 500m away from where I was staying in… Continue reading Redemption


Respect the damn coach.

The post I know you have all been hanging out for, my first South American Crossfit experience at Tuluka, Buenos Aires. After my 40 hour round the world journey I decided to experience a full day in BsAs (as the locals would write it) and head to this particular Xfit on the recommendation of a local… Continue reading Respect the damn coach.


It’s the community that makes the gym

If there is one thing I am going to miss about Sydney, it's Crossfit Bondi. I went through a tough patch in my life a few months ago. It wasn't tough by comparison to those who are a lot less fortunate than me, but it was tough for me. Mentally I wasn't stimulated yet constantly… Continue reading It’s the community that makes the gym